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How to Access the Gateway
Students   Teachers You'll also find links to a small collection of Professional Development videos and other material focussed on civics education.  
Students - you can access games, photos, and other information through the 'For Students' button.

The best way to use this material is as part of a learning experience designed by your teacher.
  Teachers - you can access games, photos, and other information through the 'For Teachers' button.

You'll also have access to much more background / reference material.

How the Gateway is organised  
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About the project

The Tasmanian Electoral Commission [TEC] has developed this online Electoral Education Gateway as part of its role (under the Tasmanian Electoral Act 2004) to provide electoral awareness and education.  

Develop Tasmanian specific resources for teachers that will:

- provide students with a broad grounding in the principles of democracy and the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen;
- facilitate opportunities for hands-on experiences of democracy;
- instill longer-term understanding and connection to the democratic process.

Facilitate teacher professional learning about electoral education.



  The Tasmanian Electoral Commission warmly acknowledges the assistance and support of the following organisations and individuals in sharing resources and / or expertise:  

Tasmanian Parliamentary Library Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office Education Services Australia
Ross Latham Director, Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office
Juliet Webster Tasmanian Parliamentary Librarian
Alex Markham Senior Education Officer, Victorian Electoral Commission

Thanks also to the teachers who gave of their time to help 'paint a picture' of what might be needed in this area:

Rodney Wiggins, Vicki Paterson, John Williamson, Rachael Anderson and Maria Leaver.

Thanks also to the Electoral Commissions across Australia. The education officers in each Commission were very generous with their time and experience.

Many thanks to the dedicated staff of the Tasmanian Electoral Commission who all made important contributions to this new venture. None of this education resource would be possible without the extraordinary work of education consultant Wendy Polzin. Tasmanian Electoral Commission

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