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  Tasmanian Dams Referendum

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Tasmanian Dams Referendum
Info In 1978 the Tasmanian Hydro-Electric Commission, then owned by the Tasmanian Government, developed a proposal to construct a dam to be used for electricity genertion.

Two sites were considered - the Franklin Dam or the Gordon-below-Franklin Dam on the Gordon River.

A rererendum (the 'Power Referendum') was held on Saturday 12 December 1981, giving voters a choice between the 2 locations. There was not an option to vote 'no'.

33% of the ballot papers had the phrase 'No Dams' written across them, which meant those ballot papers became informal votes and could not be counted.

Personal story of an anti-dam protestor, recalling his protest, resultant arrest, and court case through to his current role as the Parks and Reserve Manager in the Tasmanian wilderness.
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'The Franklin Wild River'
3 short clips from this documentary.
'Franklin River Journey'
3 clips from this documentary recording one man's personal journey down the Franklin.
'Anthony McClorey: Franklin Dam'
A fictional animation exploring the issue from many perspectives.
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Photo of protesters at Franklin Dam site.
Photo of Bob Brown holding anti-dam poster.
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Photo of then Premier Lowe displaying a map of proposed scheme.
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Photo of a rally at dam site.
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2 beautiful photos of iconic sections of the Franklin.
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Then Prime Minister Hawke signing the Dam agreement.
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Sound recordings of interview with Bob Brown as he recalls the campaign.
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'Getting Things Done: Dam'
An annotated slideshow of photographs of various aspects of the campaign.
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'Tasmanian Parliamentary Library information page outlining the process and the actual referenda in Tasmania's history, complete with result summaries.
Brief Case Study of environmental law as posted by QUT faculty member. Includes photographs and numerous scanned documents.

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