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  Some important people in Tasmania's electoral history
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Andrew Inglis Clark Preview of Andrew Inglis Clark
Info Andrew Inglis Clark was born in Hobart in 1848.

Andrew is most famous for writing a draft Australian Constitution.

Votes are counted in Tasmanian Lower House and Local Government elections using the Hare–Clark system of proportional representation.
Andrew Clark's speech to the 1890 Federation Conference.

Joseph Lyons Preview of Joseph Lyons
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Info Joseph Lyons was born in Stanley in 1879.

Joseph became a teacher, working at small schools in the North West of Tasmania. In 1905 he became the head teacher at Smithton.

Joseph Lyons is the only Australian Prime Minister who was born in Tasmania.
A radio address to the nation
Australia's Prime Ministers website
Black and white newsreel interview.

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Enid Lyons Preview of Enid Lyons
Info Enid Lyons was born in Smithton in 1897.

Enid became a teacher.

Enid married Joseph Lyons and began a family of 12 children. While Joseph was Australia's Prime Minister, their children lived at the Lodge in Canberra. They were the first children who lived there.

Enid was the very first woman elected to Federal Parliament (1943).
A formal portrait of Enid Lyons.
A photo of Enid Lyons baking in the Prime Minister's Lodge, Canberra.
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Images sourced from the Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office.

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