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  Elements of a Representative Democracy

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This video looks at many ways to define the concept of democracy











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Electing 2 Houses of Parliament in Tasmania infographic
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Electing 2 Houses of Parliament in Tasmania

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2014 House of Assembly Election Gallery
Local Government Election Gallery

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'My Representatives'
Use this tool developed by the TEC to discover who represents you in Local, State and Federal government.
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'No Fair Way to Vote'
Based in the British context, this video explains the concept of 'first past the post' voting as compared to preferential voting.
'MP for a Week'
A United Kingdom game where players interact and experience the many tasks a UK parliamentarian may undertake.

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'Tasmanian Electoral History'
Zoomable timeline covers many electorally significant events in Tasmania, from 1803 to 2011.
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1909 Map of the Federal Division Boundaries in Tasmania
(File size 11.2MB)
1855 Proclamation of Tasmania

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'Democracy (Britannica.com)'
A 1945 informational black and white film created by Encyclopedia Britannica & a Yale University lecturer.
'Sesquicentenary of Bicameral Parliament in Tasmania'
'Electoral Events Timeline' - an overview of some major dates in Austrlaian electoral history.
'History of Voting' animation.
'Australian System of Government' fact sheet
'The HIstory of Voting Game'

Suffrage Preview of article  
1968 Newspaper Article – 'Full Adult Franchise Approved'
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'Fighting for the Vote'
A powerful, confronting and personal story of one man's 'fight to vote'.
'1902 An Act to provide for an Uniform Federal Franchise' Printable scan of the original 1902 Act.
'Australian Suffragettes'
'Shrieking Sisterhood' - 1894 Cartoon about the suffragette movement in Australia.
The Learning Federation ID No R9345.
(Use your Scootle login to access)
'History Challenge'
A short assessment of you knowledge of Australian suffrage.

Referenda Preview of card
Tasmanian Casino Referendum 'How to Vote' card
Info Tasmania has had 3 referenda to date:

1916 Liquor Referendum
Voters were given a choice of hotel closing hours, ranging from 6pm to 11pm. The majority voted for 6pm.

1968 Casino Referndum
Voters were given a choice of 'yes' or 'no'. 53% of the valid votes were 'yes' votes.

1981 Power Referendum
Voters were given a choice between 2 locations for a proposed new hydro electricity dam on the Franklin River. A 'no' vote was not an option. The majority voted for the Gordon below Franklin site.
33% of the ballot papers had the phrase 'No Dams' written across them, making them invalid.
'Referendums in Tasmania'
Tasmanian Parliamentary Library information page outlining the process of referenda in Tasmania's history, complete with result summaries.
'Constitutional Referendums'
General explanation of the process of referenda, with a result summary of national referenda.
'Referendums – Do You Get It?' Short assessment of your knowledge of the processes involved in referenda in Australia.

Historical images sourced from the Tasmanian Parliamentary Library.

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