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"First-Class Citizens: Civics Isn't Just a Class"

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Shows examples of how a US school has incorporated active citizenship into their program.


  Resources on the Web

'Speak Up! Represent!'
An SRC resource kit for students and teachers.
'Student Action Teams'    
Web Page
School Parliament Implementation Plan While somewhat specific to the CEFA program, contains lots of useful tips for SRC formation.    

'SRC' BTN Extra story about students roles in an SRC election.
NOTE the link takes you to the related story that appeared on the show, to access the SRC story, go to the right hand column ('Extra Info') & choose the video "Students explain their role in their school election"
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Could springboard discussions about the students' roles, and about the responses to 'how did you choose who to vote for'. Could be inspiration for your own 'documentary' of the school's SRC election.
'The Full Preferential Voting Sytem'
An interactive tool to count votes for up to 5 candidates.

SRC Professional Learning

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