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Professional Learning

Professional Learning

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Teaching and

 Learning Principles

Effective Practice in Civics and Citizenship Education: A Guide for Pre-service Teachers

This comprehensive program brings together teaching and learning principles and links to resources from a national perspective.

Social Studies in Action: A Methodology Workshop

Developed in the US, this 8 part workshop includes notes, videos and suggested further reading. The 8, 60 min videos feature teachers engaged in professional learning, collegiate discussion and teaching.

Making Civics Real - A Workshop for Teachers. Key Constructivist Methodologies

A 60min professional learning video & accompanying notes that show active citizenship in action in real classrooms, interspersed with interviews with practicing teachers. While developed in the US, the teaching principles are universal.

Caring for the Community

A workshop session from the US, around a unit of work in a multi-age classroom. Includes a 26min video of the classroom in action and interviews with the teacher.

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UWA website hosting searchable databases for elections and other statistics from across Australia.

Learning and Teaching suggestion - Useful for seeing patterns, crafting research questions and more.

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Curriculum and


Home to the Australian Curriculum: Civics and Citizenship

'Scootle' - the portal for digital curriculum resources.

Learning and Teaching suggestion - All teachers and students in Australian schools have access through a login process.

Getting Things Done: Dam

Discovering Democracy resource – an annotated slideshow of photographs of various aspects of the campaign. The Learning Federation ID L9525 (use your Scootle Login to access)

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