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Years 2 and 3 - People and Places

Years 2 and 3

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People in Tasmania's Democracy History

Formal Portrait of Andrew Inglis Clark

Source - TAHO

Andrew Inglis Clark was born in Hobart in 1848.
Andrew is most famous for writing a draft Australian Constitution.

Votes are counted in Tasmanian Lower House and Local Government elections using the Hare–Clark system of proportional representation.

Formal Portrait of Joseph Lyons

Source - TAHO

Joseph Lyons was born in Stanley in 1879.

Joseph became a teacher, working at small schools in the North West of Tasmania. In 1905 he became the head teacher at Smithton.

Joseph Lyons is the only Australian Prime Minister who was born in Tasmania.

Formal Portrait of Enid Lyons

Source - TAHO

Enid Lyons was born in Smithton in 1897 and went on to become a teacher.

Enid married Joseph Lyons and began a family of 12 children. While Joseph was Australia's Prime Minister, their children lived at the Lodge in Canberra. They were the first children who lived there.

Enid was the very first woman elected to Federal Parliament (1943).

Pamphlet from 1934 Federal Election Campaign NAA

Pamphlet from 1934 Federal Election Campaign

Collection of photos of Joseph and Enid Lyons

Formal Portrait of Enid Lyons NAA
Portrait of Joseph and Enid Lyons, c1933 NLA
HRH Prince Henry with Prime Minister Lyons and Mrs Lyons, Canberra, 1934 NAA
Joseph Lyons, 1932-1939
Members of the Scullin Ministry with Lyons seated at front left, 1929 NAA
PM Lyons and British PM Baldwin - abdication announcment 1936 NAA
Prime Minister Lyons addressing a crowd in Brisbane, 1934 NAA
Prime Minister Lyons, Dame Enid Lyons and their family on the lawn at the Lodge, Canberra NLA
JA Lyons at opening of 16th Australian Parliament, 1929 NAA

Places in Tasmania's Democracy History

Historical Image Galleries

Click on a photo below to see a collection of wonderful historical photos.

Learning + teaching suggestions: Compare features, dress codes and more over time. Arrange a visit to one of the buildings, take cameras & attempt to recreate the photos, then analyse the changes that have taken place. Create a photo essay.

Government House gallery

Parliament House gallery

Public Buildings in Launceston

Public Buildings in Hobart

Hobart Town Hall

Resources for


Joseph Lyons resources

About Joseph Lyons

Brief statements about Joseph Lyons' political career with interesting photos.

Black & White newsreel of a post election interview.

The Learning Federation ID R4637 - use your Scootle login to access

A radio address to the nation

Learning and Teaching suggestion - Compare and contrast this style of speech to speeches of today.

Enid Lyons resources

A black & white portrait of Dame Enid Lyons

With accompanying teaching notes.

Learning and Teaching suggestion - Compare these images and others to create a narrative (written / photo essay / graphic representation) of the many facets & phases of Dame Enid’s Life.

Photo of Enid Lyons baking

The Learning Federation ID R3568

Andrew Inglis Clark resources

Speech to the 1890 Federation Conference

A re-created sound recording of his speech to the 1890 Federation Conference, along with a photo.

Learning and Teaching suggestion - Compare and contrast this style of speech to speeches of today.

About Andrew Inglis Clark

Parliamentary Library information page outlining his personal & professional life, including 1 small photo and 2 direct quotes.

Thomas Hare resource

About Thomas Hare

Parliamentary Library information page outlining his personal & professional life, including 1 small photo and 2 direct quotes.

Places resources

Mercury Building Tally Board

Unusual annotated photo of the old Mercury Building on Macquarie St, with an enormous tally board on the front and a large crowd assembled to see the results of the 1903 state election.

Learning and Teaching suggestion - Discuss how this image compares to how election results are publicised now (utilise the Tally Room slideshow). Arrange an excursion to view this building, looking for similarities and differences.

Parliament House - decorated

Unusual black and white photo of Parliament House decorated for the Federation of Australia celebrations.  Shows the shore of Sullivan’s Cove where the Parliament House Green now exists. Accompanied by detailed notes.

Learning and Teaching suggestion - Use in conjunction with the Parliament House photos above. Discuss & research the changes to Parliament House & the surrounding shoreline to develop a photo essay, a timeline or an animation illustrating changes.

Sketch of Supreme Court building

A sketch of the Tasmanian Supreme Court in Tasmania, along with some interesting facts.

Map of Hobart Town

Downloadable scan of an antique map of Hobart Town.

Silent film

Black and white silent film of buildings in Hobart. Learning Federation ID R2441, (use your Scootle login to access)

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