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The following are the current determinations made by the Commission

Part 3 - Enrolment

s.38(1) - Inspection of public roll

Determination of Public Roll Inspection, required by section 38(1) of the Electoral Act 2004.

Determined by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission on 9 February 2005:
For the purpose of section 38(1) of the Electoral Act 2004, the approved printed and electronic means by which the name and address of each elector are to be available for inspection by members of the public are as follows:

  • printed division rolls
  • electronic scrollable list of electors’ names and addresses prepared for this purpose.
The place determined for the purposes of section 38(1) is:
  • the office of the Tasmanian Electoral Commission.

s.38(2) - Verification of enrolment

Verification of Enrolment, required by section 38(2) of the Electoral Act 2004.

For the purposes of section 38(2) of the Electoral Act 2004 there has been no determination made by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission.

Verification of Commonwealth electoral enrolment is available at the Australian Electoral Commission website at www.aec.gov.au. It is not considered necessary or cost effective to duplicate this service.

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