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Local Government Elections

Central Highlands By-election

Following the resignation of Deputy Mayor Andrew Downie, a councillor by-election was held for the Central Highlands Council.

Polling period closed 10am, Tuesday 7 March 2017.

Local government is the third tier of government in Tasmania.

Tasmania is divided into 29 municipal areas, with each area having a governing council consisting of between 7 and 12 councillors. Each council is chaired by a mayor and has a deputy mayor.

Elections for Tasmania's 29 councils will be conducted by full postal ballot every four years. The next Local Government elections will be held during September and October 2018.

Central Highlands By-election

Loueen (Lou) Triffitt has been elected as Mayor until the 2018 ordinary election.

Only one nomination was received for the by-election to fill the Councillor vacancy, with Jim Poore elected as Councillor until the 2018 ordinary election.

Vacancies since 2014 elections -

By-elections and Recounts held to fill vacancies.

2014 Local Government Elections

Map of Tasmania's Local Government Areas

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Local government election reports.

Results and information about Tasmanian local government elections, dating back to 1999.

About Voting at Local Government Elections

Uniquely, Tasmanian Local Government elections are conducted by postal ballot - election material (including the ballot paper) is personally mailed directly to each elector.

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