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Received a fine for failing to vote?

Did you receive a purple or pink letter from the TEC asking why you didn't vote?

Please turn the letter over and choose the relevant option, sign and post the letter back, or pay the fine as indicated.

Or, if you have an MPES notice, follow the steps below:

What to do:

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Do you believe you have a valid and sufficient reason for not voting?


If you believe you have a valid and sufficient reason for failing to vote, you can ask us to review the penalty using a secure online form.

Ask us to review a fine  


If you did not have a valid and sufficient reason for failing to vote, you will have to pay the penalty on the infringement notice to the Monetary Penalties Enforcement Service (MPES).

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Check your Enrolment  

In many cases people do not receive letters we send them because their electoral enrolment is not up to date.

You can check your current enrolment and, if you need to, update your enrolment via the Australian Electoral Commission website.

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Register for our Vote Alert Reminder 

You can register for a reminder to vote at future elections by:

  • entering your details online (you will be transferred to a secure form); or
  • texting your full name & date of birth to the TEC - 0429 558 122; or
  • call the TEC on 1800 801 701

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Why have I received a fine?

It is an offence to fail to vote at a Tasmanian parliamentary election without a valid and sufficient reason. The TEC sends 2 letters to the last known postal address of a person who has not voted. Most people who receive an infringement notice from MPES for failing to vote have not answered either of those letters.

Less commonly an infringment notice will be issued because the reason given for failing to vote was determined not to be valid and sufficient and the penalty has not been paid.

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