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Polling Day staff can access their eLearning and Manuals here. Please make sure you scroll down to find the box below that matches your role, to ensure you are undertaking the correct training!

It is expected that OIC and 2IC staff will complete the eLearning and read all of the manuals listed before attending face-to-face training.

Issuing Officers are expected to read the Issuing Officer Manual. We also encourage issuing officers to complete the brief, optional, eLearning package, which will help further prepare you for polling day.

How do you log into eLearning?   It's simple - just use your preferred email address when prompted!

The following videos have been developed by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission as part of the training package for polling place managers. Importantly, the videos are accessible on mobile devices for reference during polling day.

To get the most out of these videos, be sure to play them in full screen mode (look for this icon ) with the volume turned up.

Electoral Commissioner's Introduction

This message from the Tasmanian Electoral Commissioner Andrew Hawkey, was played at every OIC training session to deliver important and consistent messages to OICs across the state.

A Day in the Life of an OIC Return

This 'Day in the Life' video tells the story of a polling day, from the perspective of the OIC Return.
The video begins with an overivew of the new OIC Return folder and moves into a more detailed look at the important actions that occur on polling day, and where and how to record these.

  • Packaging

    This video builds a detailed picture of some best practices in packaging election materials. Some key things to consider when packaging are:

    • How packaging affects processes after polling day;
    • Transparency and security considerations.

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