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The aim of the Tasmanian Electoral Commission is to provide all Tasmanians with a convenient opportunity to exercise their right to vote and to ensure that their votes are counted accurately and transparently.

The Commission undertakes the conduct of elections and referendums, public electoral information programs and more.

Local Government Candidate Information Booklet – Election Edition available now

Following the recent announcement of expenditure limit changes, a new Candidate Information Booklet for this election has been produced. 

Data Breach

On Saturday 30 June, the Tasmanian Electoral Commission was notified by Typeform that they had a data breach which affected some of the online forms used on the TEC website.  Typeform is a company used by the Commission to provide online forms.

It is believed that the information stolen as part of the breach included name, address, email, phone number and date of birth information provided by electors on some TEC forms.

All forms on the TEC website have now been closed.

The Electoral Commission will be contacting in the coming days each elector whose data may have been stolen to inform them of the breach.

The breach has no connection to the national or state electoral roll, or the secrecy or integrity of any elections conducted by the TEC.

2018 Legislative Council elections.

In 2018, elections for the new divisions of Hobart and Prosser were held on
Saturday 5 May.

Remember, voting in the Legislative Council elections is compulsory.

2018 State Election results

All election counts completed.

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Use this simple search tool to learn who currently represents you at each level of government.

CC&T Gateway - Education Resources

A collection of free electoral education resources with a Tasmanian flavour.

State Election -

3 March 2018

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will be held during September & October 2018.

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