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Annual Reports

2018-19 Annual Report

2018-19 was a year of adaptation and innovation, as the TEC undertook statewide local government elections.

Parliamentary Elections Reports

Report on Parliamentary Elections 2015 to 2018

A comprehensive record of Parliamentary elections.

PDF (12.4 MB, opens in new tab)

Previous Parliamentary Election Reports from 1909 to 2014

Previous elections, by-elections and recounts are published in the following Parliamentary elections reports.

(PDFs, open in new tabs)
2014 2010 2006 2002 1998 1996 1994 1989
1986 1982 1980 1977 1973 1970 1964 1959
1956 1955 1950 1949 1947 1937 1934 1931
1928 1925 1922 1919 1916 1913 1912 1909

Local Government Election Reports

Comprehensive reports on each election

Presented as a statewide summary and as reports for each of the 29 councils.

Election Snapshots

Election Snapshots

The Commission has developed a new graphic snapshot overview of each type of election, providing a collection of information helpful for the review and ongoing planning of these elections.

(PDFs, open in new tabs)
2019 Legislative Council elections 2018 Local Government elections
2018 House of Assembly elections 2017-18 Glenorchy City Council elections

Candidate Handbooks

For Broadcasters, Publishers and Printers

Information booklets for Broadcasters, Publishers and Printers -

Other Information

The Tasmanian Hare-Clark electoral system

Electoral Act 2004 (opens in new tab)

Electoral Commissioner's policy on electoral matter on the internet

  Robson Rotation discussion paper

Independent report on damaged Denison ballot papers:

  Media Release - Independent report released (opens in a new tab)

  2014 Tasmanian House of Assembly Elections: Review of Impacts of Ballot Paper Damage in the Division of Denison. A report by Dr Kevin Bonham to the Tasmanian Electoral Commission.

Denison reconstruction spreadsheet in PDF  (opens in a new tab) or excel format (right click and choose 'save linked file as...').

Authorisation of election matter on the internet

Under section 191(1)(b) of the Electoral Act 2004, all electoral matter published on the internet between the issue of the writ for an election and the close of poll at that election must contain the name and address of the responsible person at the end.

Address means a street address (not a post office box or an electronic address) at which the responsible person resides or can be readily contacted.

Responsible person means the person taking responsibility for causing electoral matter to be published.

Electoral matter means matter which is intended or likely to affect voting in an election.

The Electoral Commissioner recommends that candidates and other persons with websites (including ‘Facebook’ pages) containing electoral matter should ensure that the name and address of the responsible person appears on each page.

For example, an appropriate place to include authorisation on a website would be on a footer, or on ‘Facebook’ at the end of a post that contains electoral matter.

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